Best Month EVERRRR

Oh October, how I love you!  Seriously this is my very most favorite wonderful perfect great and awesome time of year.  The leaves are changing and the air is cooler and my nose is runny (oh wait, that isn't so awesome).  My birthday is in 15 days (and counting), and we finally ate chili this weekend!  I've obviously had mt fair share of candy corn and worn boots a couple times.  Ohhhh I love October and I love fall!  In case you are in the market to buy me a birthday gift, or Christmas present, or a thinking-of-you-so-I-bought-you-this-Vera-bag..... I figure a list of things I want is in order.  [Notice, I said things I want, not things I need, so its ok...]  PS. This list is really just for me ;)

1. Free trip to the salon to get my nails painted.  I can't seem to paint my own nails without dousing my entire hand in colored polish...
2. A new headband.
3. Gap giftcard so I can buy more clothes since I don't have very many... oh wait.
4. Target giftcard for similar purposes...but to also buy Raisinettes.  ["1-2"]
5. Tangled on DVD so I can watch it in my room and delete it off the DVR.
6. Tangled soundtrack, so Holly and I can learn all the songs driving to and from school everyday.
7. Someone to drive us to school and back everyday.
8. Personal aid to grade papers and make copies for me. 
9. Personal aid to clean my home and wash my clothes.
10. More hours in the day.
11. Wal-Mart to bring back my favorite creamer in the fat-free version...
12. Magic travel coffee mug that actually keeps my coffee hot for longer than an hour...
13. Did I say Tangled on DVD?
14. No papers to grade on my birthday. 
15. All my friends to move to Manhattan and live next door to me.
16. My students to be really good...4L.
17. To lose 10lbs, duh.
18. World peace and no more poverty.