Summer of Learning

I feel as though my summer has been jam-packed with challenges and learning.  My eyes have been opened to the realness of the Holy Spirit and the overwhelming power of an awesome God.  Our first year of marriage has been such a beautiful mess of  love and I am just beginning to see how God's unconditional love is so amazingly displayed through Nick. 

I have been so blessed this summer to have gone and done so many things and am about to end a chapter of my life take the next step into adulthood on Monday.  I am sad to be closing doors on college and childhood, as I have to say goodbye to many of my best friends.  I am excited though to see where God takes us and how He uses us in all our ministries.  I never imagined how God would use MCC and Manhattan to change and bless my life in so many ways.  I am so grateful. 

I am scared out of my mind but I very much believe I am being called to the public school and would be settling if I were not doing just this.  I pray I can be a vessel filled so much with the light and love of God that it overflows and students, parents, other teachers, see not me but Christ. 

So much on my heart and on my mind... God is truly overwhelming me with how awesome He is and I am so thankful. 

"He must become greater, I must become less."