New Start

Hello blog-friends who will hopefully re-follow me on this new blog!  I am starting a new blog for a plethora of reasons, one of which being I can't stinking get my old one to format correctly! but that is besides the point... another reason being I have a renewed dedication to blogging and feel as if it is only fair to friends and family (all 3 of you who actually care what is happening in my day to day) to post more, and well, since I can't give my ol' blog a haircut, (which is what I tend to do upon starting a new journey...) or even a new background, I am simply starting a new one. 

So follow me, and Nick, even though he may or may not even read this more than a few times a year (when I ask nicely...), as we experience life as newleyweds, as I become a teacher, and as we continue to grow closer to our awesome Lord. 


HBrown :)

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  1. I continue to be really proud of you. If I could pick a daughter, I would choose you. (and Sarah, of course) Love, Dad