Nick and I have great intentions.  We want to work out and be in shape and have ultra-sexy bods (well, we do!) and weigh less and eat healthy and etc etc.  Oook, so when I say we, I mostly mean I with a teensy bit of we in there.  I want all those things, and I want Nick to want all those things with me...what, is that so bad?  ;)  [I have an issue with control...let's not go there today...] 

Until probably January-ish of last semester (being a student and entering into a world filled with school, I will most likely always mark life by semesters and summers-), I did pretty well with eating healthy enough and working out semi-enough.  Then came the semester from down under and busyness and stress out the wazoo and a man who was thrilled to eat pizza, ice cream and other terrible (albeit delicious) foods all the time.  Then came marriage and a perfect honeymoon filled with multi-billion calorie meals and little to no working out to burn said calorie...whoops!  Anyway, the rest of the summer took us here and there and back and forth and to Kansas City so many times I started to think we lived there and not Manhattan... (I wish, for Marion's sake!  And for the sake of going to outlet malls within twenty minutes driving time, and not two hours.)  So we rarely had a fridge full of veggies and fruits, and were often enticed by road food and Momma's good cookin (both my Mom and Nick's, whenever we are near them the food is better, and I mean, it is only respectful to partake in their delicious cooking...right?)  Then came the rush of Enrollment and my last days at MCC and the start of school which has often left me too tired to want to cook something tasty AND healthy, and beyond too tired to work out! 

When I lived in the dorms, I got far less sleep and did much much more with my time, but somehow still managed to get to the rec multiple times a week... reason: that is where my friends were; that is so often where we hung out!  (Why I can no longer convince myself that "hanging out" at the rec is the best thing is a mystery to me...)  Anyway, all that being said, this week starts yet another attempt at being more intentional about what we are eating and working out at least a few days a week.  We bought the P90-X system, and while there is like, negative chance I will be able to trick Nick into working out for an hour-plus with me six days of the week, we are going to use the dvds and workouts in our own P-Hannah and Nick-X.  The workouts are really great, as I have done a few now already, but we just can't commit to all the time it takes with having to go to bed and get up at different times right now and being busy at night almost every night. 

Do not worry!  Hot body WILL win out, especially now that the sister and Mark-o are engaged, I have something to work toward (other than general health and fitness), as well as I plan on doing another triathlon in the spring, and the KC all-women triathlon again next August.  Oh and there is a half marathon in Lincoln that ends on the football field in Memorial Stadium, and I would really like to do that as well.  I know I know I know, ambitious, lots of goals and commitment involved, and we know how great I do with those... hopefully this will be different!  (and anyway, if it isn't, and I look just like I do now at Sarah and Mark's wedding, shoot, the bride is supposed to be the prettiest anyway, right?  I'm just helping there to be no distractions from her beauty!)  Meh meh mehhh :)

DISCLAIMER:  I do not think I am fat  or ugly, nor am I too terribly concerned with my body image as of current.  I just want to be healthier and start working out more and wanted to write about it.  I was recently reminded of how awful girls can be to their own bodies, both physically, but sometimes even more importantly mentally.  We were created by a perfect God and are perfect in HIS sight.  That perfection is what should matter.  When we continue to critique and insult ourselves over and over we are essentially insuting the handiwork of God and that is just plain wrong.  I love myself, as narcissistic as that may sound, and am content with how I look.  


Mrs. Brown :)


  1. I love to read the things you write as you continue along your path. You are an amazing YWOG and I am proud, proud, proud to call you daughter! My advice: stay in shape always, don't fight my battle - learn from it instead. I am winning for the last time!!

  2. I would hereby like to apologize for any influence I may have had towards a certain other person liking to eat pizza and ice cream.