Jumbled Mess of Thoughts

1.  I really want to see that penguin movie, "Mr. Popper's Penguins" asap.  I've seen the same commericial at least 79 times today [which may or may not mean I have been watching television the entire day...I will never reveal the truth about that].  But seriously the movie looks a-dor-a-ble.

2. It is too bad Nick and I already have State Farm insurance, because apparently switching to that can save you enough money to buy a pet falcon.  Not that I really want a pet giant bird [or bird of any size for that matter], but I do have 37,000 things I would like to purchase.  [Dresses, specifically, annnd pieces to add to my Mixer...like the ice cream maker attachment...so I can make ice cream, duh.]

3.  I have checked my Facebook literally a gagillion times today.  It rained a good chunk of the day and I had no motivation to do anything but sit on my couch with my little dog and attempt to figure out what the heck I am going to teach this fall.  I also did a couple loads of laundry [which, while I am on the subject, WHY in the world can the darn clothes not fold and put themselves away?!  SHEESH.  I can wash and dry, even hang up some of them, but the folding and the putting away, UGH!  haha.] 

4. Father's Day.  I have the best dad on the whole planet.  PtL for a dad who loves me and my sister and my momma and Jesus.  He's not the biggest fan of my dog though, which is a large problem.  ;) 

5.  I just watched three consecutive hours of Gilmore Girls...hours which I had DVR'ed...because I still love Gilmore Girls and watching it makes me miss my sister who moved so far away a little bit less. 

6.  I want need to bake cookies right this second.  If I don't, I will probably eat a whole bag of leftover Easter jelly beans...which I don't even like that much.  #sweettooth  #bored

7.  I need someone to Petee-sit the last week of June.  Either come to my home and stay the week or bring the Pete-ster home with you.  Either way you will be compensated.  And I will bake you a loaf of bread. 

8.  PS.  UPDATE on my simplification process:  I have bagged up almost all of my t-shirts and clothes I don't want/need/wear anymore.  I have been working out a little.  That's basically it. 



  1. Enjoyed this. =)

    I definitely owe you a book that hasn't found its way into the mail. It WILL happen, I promise!

  2. It is so hard to be productive when you have nothing else to do... does that make sense?? Staying home = getting nothing done!! Oh and I still watch gilmore girls on occassion, it's just a classic show!

  3. I do like your dog...quite a bit, actually. I also like it when you mention me in your bloggy - wog. And, I will dog sit for you. (don't tell your mom, we'll surprise her.