Reflection on my first week as a real live teacher!

Well well well, I am an official, week-old, real live seventh grade teacher.  Holy cow! 

First of all, I am seriously blown away by the support, encouragement, and help from all the other teachers, administrators, and staff at our school.  I have been checked on so many times and given so much non-patronizing help in the last few weeks, and was encouraged so much this week that it will get better!  So blessed.

Second of all, holy chattyness.  I am sure I was just as talkative at that age (oh wait, still am at this age, oops!), and am trying to stay positive and appreciate that they enjoy being with each other and feel at home enough in my room to act like friends.  (The bigger part of me wishes they would sit quietly and listen like little angels, but hopefully with time that will come as well)...  =) 

Right now my biggest goals are not to help them improve their spelling, become more critical readers, or published authors; my goals are simple: get them to have a more optimistic outlook and positive attitude about being in language arts class, help change their perspective on reading and writing (currently many of them "hate reading and writing" ...so sad!!), and show them that I really care about them!!  If they happen to improve their spelling while we're at it...ptL because yiiiikes!  ;)

I am exhausted, a tad overwhelmed, but seriously loving it and excited to go back next week!! 

Oh and so seriously God has blessed me already so much with a funny, kind, encouraging woman of God to drive with every single day!  Yay yay yay, Holly!  =)

Happy Saturday, hopefully more to come on seventh grade soon!

- Mrs. Brown  =)


  1. I can't tell you how happy I am that you are loving your job and already can't wait to go back next week! Maybe when things settle down a bit we can go get that coffee we meant to get this summer...ha! I'd love to hear all about your students, etc. Have a wonderful week #2!

  2. So glad you had a good week!! I am sure it is entertaining and overwhelming! Just take things one day at a time! And I am positive they will know that you care about them- anyone that is around you for five seconds can tell that you care about all people! I will be praying for you as you continue this year! So so excited for you!

  3. Does it make you feel about 10 years older when the kids call you Mrs. Brown? Because I really feel like that title only belongs to people over like 40 or something.