Back to School

I feel like I am in college again.  I had a full two weeks to grade this tiny stack of papers, plan in detail my week, and wash my clothes, and when have I chosen to do all three things???

Today.  I have got to stop procratinating so much... Maybe tomorrow!  ;)

My healthy eating plan began today [after the pancakes I ate for breakfast], and I did alright!  I have a bad habit of waiting until I am super-duper hungry and then eating way too much to compensate for my rumbling tummy.  So today, I ate all three meals at meal time(s), which is a pretty big deal for me!  I tend to rush in the mornings and fix my hair instead of pack a lunch or eat a good breakfast, thus leaving me one hungry hungry hippo upon my arrival at home.  Already tonight I have packed a lunch for tomorrow in my Vera Bradley lunchbox [courtesy of best friend Allison, thanks!!!] and distrubuted crackers and such into baggies for the rest of the week!  I also divided my Chipotle burrito bowl in half when I got it, and put it into a dish to take to school tomorrow!  Go me!!  ;)

I really should have worked out today, but I just couldn't make myself on my last day of break!  We were so stinkin busy the last few weeks moving and traveling and puppy-training that the last couple of days I have done nothing but hangout and enjoy life!  :)

I am optimistic, positive, and ready for a better semester than the last.  I will improve my teaching, be more organized, and most importantly be more patient with my kids and show them not only in my actions but especially my reactions that they are special, important, valuable, and loved, worth all the time and energy I give them.  I am excited to go back!  

PS. I know like, 96% of the people who read this are also my friend on Facebook and in real life, so you could have already looked at these, but here are a couple pictures from my break!!  :)

PPS.  We really love our dogs.  We know we are obsessed with our dogs.  We are "those people" and are totally ok with it!  :)

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