I am spending my Sunday late afternoon/evening watching One Tree Hill reruns in my sweats, eating popcorn, not grading papers or planning, and remembering.  I looked through the pictures from the night Nick and I got engaged and missed that time.  Season One of OTH takes me waaaayyy back, and I miss that time of life, those people.  I even look at our wedding pictures and am nostalgic and sad that all those friends are not still here.  Life was so much simpler, less responsibility, dare I say easier, when I wasn't twenty-five and married and owning a house and teaching kids and training puppies and staying in shape and folding my laundry and cooking healthy meals.  Don't get me wrong, I love my life so much, I love Nick so much.  I love teaching, my sweet pups, my friends, my gorgeous home.  I like not having to do homework or read boring books and write tons of papers.  I enjoy adulthood and marriage.  I just miss simplicity. 

God has so greatly blessed me in each season of my life, and I truly believe He is blessing me and teaching me and growing me in so many ways right now.  I know that I will look back in five years and miss this time as well.  I must live in today.  It is ok to miss yesterday, as long as I find things to enjoy about today too.  It is ok to miss people, as long as I don't turn a blind eye to the fact that I am so lucky to have found more friends, beautiful, awesome friends, each time I have someone move away.  I love my life so much, and I trust God is still using me and teaching me and molding me to be more like Him.

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