Just some things...

1. School is over in three weeks and counting.  I will officially have taught for a whole school year in fourteen weekdays.  I am overwhelmed with how much I have learned, grown, and figured out, while also completely overwhelmed with how completely lost and underqualified I still feel sometimes.  I love my students, and am a little sad to leave them, but I am so ready to relax, rest, and refresh for next year. 

2. Speaking of next year, I will be in a different position at the same school in the fall.  Instead of core Language Arts, I will be teaching a small Reading Strategies elective class.  I am thrilled for a new opportunity and a smaller group of students, as well as to really work on growing my skills.  I am excited to be at the same school, and glad I'll see some of my students from this year in the hallway! I love the people I work with, and am really glad to get to know them better this coming year. 

3. I miss the heck out of my sister and friends who are no longer in Manhattan with us.  I want everyone I love to live in the same place.  I don't know if it will ever be easy to be away from friends and family :/

4. We have a beautiful and almost perfect house and love living in it.  Nick even mowed the yard this month and I pulled some weeds!  Yardwork is not my favorite thing but I am going to try this summer to find a few things I can enjoy about it. 

5. I am tired, stressed, and in need of some time away.  Life is hard.  It can be really challenging to find joy when I feel unsuccessful in so many ways.  I am grateful for those who are consistently and unswervingly patient with my shortcomings and failures, and continue to love me in spite of myself.

6. I am still in love with my best husband Nick, still loving my God, and still adore my precious puppies.  I am praying God really opens my eyes to ways I can change and grow this summer, as well as gives me the courage to be the wife, friend, daughter, sister, and woman I can be. 

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  1. Random tip for the weeds: you can use white vinegar to kill them. It'll also kill grass, though, so use it sparingly.

    It sounds like you've grown a lot this year. Can't wait to see what God has in store for you in the coming school year!