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So a few weeks ago my beautiful little sister and her (then) boyfriend got engaged!  I was able to be a special part of that and took her to meet him (surprise!) at the place where they met for the very first time (MCC's girl's dorm lobby).  She was so surprised and thrilled and will be marrying her very best friend Mark Komosa on Saturday, May 21st, 2011!!!!!  I am so excited for them and can see God so evidently working in their relationship and through the two of them, and cannot wait to see where He takes them in the not-so-distant future and the great things that come!  I will be oh so heartbroken to see them (mostly her, sorry Mark-o) move anywhere but where I am living (umm, why did no one warn me that she and I would not always live within ten minutes of each other???  NOT prepared for this separation!) but am so so assured and reassured that God has the two of them right in His hand and is using them to share who He is now and will continue to do so in Indiana, Minnesota, or Timbuctu.  And really, just another place to visit my friends and vacation!  (Hopefully soon I will get to go to Maryland and see mbfitwww....)  I am seriously so thrilled for them and am so excited to have another BIL!  Growing up with just girls (and of course the best and most awesomest man-Dad in the whole world!!!) I don't know a whole lot about boys and boy stuff, but am so excited for the years to come as we welcome now TWO more men into the Troutt family and learn so much about and from them!

So yesterday, the Mom, Alli, Sarah and I went wedding dress shopping for Sarah!!!  We started the day at Hastings with yummy yummy coffee (ps. I have started drinking coffee, one of the better decisions I have made in this lifetime, delishhhh!!!) drinks and headed for Topeka!  We arrived at David's Bridal ten minutes before her appointment so we giggled and talked about how excited we were to all be hanging out and especially for Sarah and Mark to get married!!!  She tried on the first dress and the water-works came before she even left the dressing room!  Sheesh, she is just so beautiful.  The dress was PERFECT and exactly (like, seriously, exactly) what she was looking for!!!  Just in case she tried on like five more, but none compared to the first one.  WOOOOOO-HOOO!!!!!  So much fun!!   (And so nuts that Sar is getting married...I mean, not like bad, nuts, just like, holy cow, nuts!!!)

Then we headed to the mall for some delicious Chik-fil-A and Ice Dream (best!!!) and shopping at the Gap Outlet and Old Navy.  I have been trying to step outside my solid-prints and clean cut lines and widen my clothing horizon and I got a couple new little pieces on great sale yesterday!!!  SO proud.  New little pink argyle cardigan, a ruffled teal shirt, and a sweet belt will hopefully be some fun new outfits this week!

Anyway, yesterday was just the best and I was reminded yet again of how incredible our God is and how He places people and instances in our lives to shape us and encourage us and ultimately make us more like Him.  PtL for those people, and thank you Lord for your blessings!!

We have finally almost finished putting our little home together and I want to post some pics of it soon!  The weekdays are so so busy and I just don't ever feel like thinking or working on anything outside of school.  (Bad mentality, yes, working on it...)  Lots more bloggy to come though, as the leaves begin to change and the wind begins to blow and Jesus continues to be the one perfect thing in our lives. 

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  1. queen of parentheses.

    heres a tip to broaden your wardrobe: find your super c shirt