Today I am an emotional wreck. 

Nick told me about some mutual funds and I started tearing in his office...

I heard that Canon in D with the little kids singing in the Target parking lot and cried...

I just watched an episode of Grey's and a little girl died at the end and had the tears a'streamin...

I have zero motivation to pick up and clean and put together the disaster that is my entire house.  Instead I washed a load of towels and have been sitting on the couch staring at the tv for the last hour.  Shoot. 

I graduate tomorrow.  I should feel thrilled, but am just sad for some reason. 


I got a new dress, though, and my house is beginning to smell like Christmas :)

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  1. Turn that frown upside down!! I love u! It's ok to be sad sometimes...you have so much going on in your life girl. Slow down & just enjoy life with your sweet man. Love you!