Merry Black Friday

I have to apologize.  I know you all went out shopping today on Black Friday and I just plum forgot to post my Christmas gift Wish List!  Whoopsies.. Never fear though, I have been assured the hot deals will only get hotter this month!  Speaking of being in the Christmas spirit like never before, I am feelin the Christmas spirit like never before!  Nick and I have our Christmas tree out and ready to decorate, Petee is wearing a little jingle bell on his neck and just jingle jangles everywhere he goes, and I have been drinking peppermint mochas like there is no tomorrow!  (Actually just three peppermint mochas this week, but with the addition of a coffee pot and the Coffeemate peppermint mocha creamer waiting for me at the grocery store, that number can only promise to go up!) 

Some of you little readers may have known me for awhile, and may remember my love of hosting Christmas (and other) parties, as well as that my dear, dear Maryland-dwelling bestest friend and I used to throw one heck of a sweet party every year!  We would make a cute little Christmassy craft, eat some delicious chili, and of course bake yummy treats!  I am thinking about reinstating the annual party.  I make a pretty good chili (combo Brown-Troutt chili, better every time Mr. B. and I make it) and well, I wonder if any friends would want to make a little craft?  Cutesie ornament or maybe the cookie/cake mix in a jar type of thing? 

Also.  I am for reals going to get in shape over the next four weeks.  I forgot I have to go to a wedding at the end of December and am going to want to look super foxy so my man can be proud of the hottie he married and is bringin home to meet old friends.  Maybe that is silly, but it is what it is!  And honestly, all I have got to fo to get the two of us back in shape is go back to the grocery store and cooking, and start working out a teensy bit more!  (Compared to the complete junk we have been eating and the negative amounts of activity, we should both be skinny little minnies in no time!)  :)

The important part of this blog post:

Mrs. Brown's Christmassy Wish List:

1. Pioneer Woman Cookbook (or just a day to hang out with the PW and cook and laugh)
2. Ugg Boots.  Pleeeeeease someone just get me Ugg boots this year!  Or new fake ones.  Either is fine.  Really both would be best. 
3. A million bucks to spend on clothes and college loans and stuff.
4. A new scarf.
5. One of those funny warm hats with the ear flaps.
6. All my friends in one place.
7. A sparkly dress for New Years Eve (preferably gold.  I'm really into gold right now.  And its apparently really in this season). 
8. A new purse/bag (mine is just fallin apart).
9. A gym membership for next semester and some new socks to wear to work out in (I just love new socks). 
10. Petee wanted me to say he would really like a little Burberry scarf to wear outside this winter. 

Merry 29 days until Christmas! 

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