Wait, Thanksgiving hasn't already come and gone?

I bought our first little Christmas tree and a few ornaments yesterday.   We are going to do a little cleaning and decorating today so when we come back from Nick's grandma and grandpa's it will be all ready for the best first Christmas season ever!  I don't usually get this excited about the pre-Christmas and decorating and all the hype, but for some reason this year I am just so excited!  Maybe because with December comes finally finishing and a real break and I am so pumped for that!  I am also pumped to be getting paid for working all day again... Ohhh student teaching...

Anyway, I hope to post some pictures of our little Christmas-y apartment at some point, mostly for my own memory's sake.  It is just so fun to look back through the blogs and pictures and see what has happened and changed over time!  I love to journal.

PS.  My three-month hiatus from healthy living is about to come to a close.  My body is just ready to get back to being active and healthy after so much laziness, stress, and bad food choices.  Meal planning and the rec, here I come! 

I am just ready for what is next.  The light at the end of the tunnel is almost here!  :)

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  1. Can't wait to see the pics. Hope your Turkey day was a good one. I am getting ready for the big day tomorrow. Wish you were here to help me. See you soon.