i can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on...

The end is in sight.  I will finally have something to show for the past five and a half years of college. 

9 days until my English Content Exam.
11 schooldays left to teach my unit(s).
11 actual days until our 6 monthiversary!!! <3 
19 days until Thanksgiving break. 
22 more classroom days to teach/observe.
29 days until Dallas and Huskermania!  :)
37 days including weekends until Graduation. 
198 days until Mark and Sarah get married!!!

I have been feeling so bogged down and overwhelmed and I am just so ready for a break.  I am so discouraged and stressed and unfortunately am having a hard time not taking it out on the ones I love most.  Trying so hard to be optimistic and let my joy reign in my life but the negatives are so overwhelming right now... Sometimes I think this is how life can get as a Christian.  We are called to live each day as if it could be our last, renewing that devotion of our whole selves to Christ each and every day, and living so that our joy and servanthood reign supreme in our hearts and being.  Sometimes Satan just gets a little hold of our hearts and sucks some of that joy and causes us to just long for the day when Jesus returns and the troubles of this world pale in comparison to the incredible passionate beauty that is our eternity.  I guess my stress and hardships could be seen in a positive light, as I am constantly reminded that this is not my home, life was not intended to be this difficult, and there is a Heaven without sin or pain or stress that awaits my arrival someday.  Until then, I hope I will continue to lean on God as my strength and trust that He not only has a plan but will also use my struggles to glorify Him and inspire others to love Him more.


  1. Keep it up! You are getting close!

    Also, can we please have a guest post from the husband?

  2. I can't believe you are so close my banana!! Where did all the time go? It's went so fast for me atleast? I am so proud of you...press on..you are almost there.
    love u