BAD Dreams

Ohmygosh I had two separate dreams last night, both in which I was pregnant, had the baby, in the first dream a girl, the second a boy, and in both someone tried to take them!  Sheesh, been watching too much LOST I think... YIKES to the max with the whole baby thing though... oi.

The cinnamon bread was semi-disastrous in look... but made up for ugliness in taste!  Seriously, very yummy, but verrrry ugly.  [Chicken a'cookin in the crockpot behind the bread...not the best chicken I ever made either... not my best day of wife-ing...] 

Then yesterday I ran a bunch of errands [lol, the errands I was supposed to do on Thursday...oops... but what matters is I did them!]  Had some coffee with the dad, drank it black (plus a little sugar) and it was pretty tolerable!  :)  Then spent the day with my dear friend Taren and we baked these pecan pie muffins: 

 the batter

the finished product!
DELISH!  But why wouldn't they be?  Pretty much butter and brown sugar in those babies... Yikes.  I have GOT to get a job so I can stop baking and eating my time away! 

This is my project for next week-- yarn/felt wreaths:

I have a giftcard to Hob Lob so I'm thinking it will be super cheap and fun to make!  And can replace my Christmas door wreath with something cute and different! 

Happy Day :)


  1. I saw this recipe for these pecan pie muffins on twopeasandtheirpod the other day. Is that where you got it? They look delish! PS: I successfully made some super easy, super tasty cinnamon bread at Christmas. If you want the recipe, let me know.

  2. aanna-- replied to this via facebook in case you don't come back to check :)

    but i would DEF like the easy cinnamon bread recipe, and i got the muffin recipe from the PW's tasty kitchen blog...but i am going to look into the twopeas... mostly bc it sounds so precious! :)