Soooo Now What?

Ok so I am done with college, have a degree, two actually, and am sitting here in my apartment drinking some coffee and sitting with my napping dog on our oversized and perfect couch.  I haven't showered for who knows how long (I do), I can't see the floor in our living room, and we don't have any milk.  [It is ever so obvious what I should be doing right now...I know...]

What do I do now?  Shouldn't someone be handing me a job?  Aren't employers supposed to be banging down my door with opportunities?  Wait, finding a job takes some effort on my part?  Hoooolllldd on a minute, then why has it always come so easy before??  Ok God, time to drop a job on my doorstep, I'll be [not so]patiently waiting upstairs, on the couch, doing nothing...

I could finish a third degree at MCC, which would require my taking a class this semester, then a couple next semester, but wont that just prolong the inevitable joblessness in which I currently reside? 

 Or I could sub.  And look for a teaching job.  Wasn't that the plan all along?  Isn't that what I want?

I leave you with a photo, not yet from today, because oh holy cow, you don't want to see this, but from New Year's Eve!


  1. Hannah! I love you...you are awesome!!!!

  2. finding a job is no fun... but subbing actually kind of is! I subbed for a couple months before Brynlee was born. It was actually really nice to go in and then leave once the kids are done, and not have to take home anything!! {although there is the occasional crazy class that makes you question the reason you want to be a teacher... but still better than nothing} Good luck on the job hunt! I am right there with you!

  3. What's next....I can't wait to see where GOd leads you...but I know it will be great. Take some time to relax...enjoy & don't feel pressured to get a job. It will come. You have worked so hard for the past...4 or 5 years now to get to this point. I am so proud of you. Love you more than I can express.