I am the queen of setting goals and not following through with them.  Like, literally, the amount of incomplete projects and half finished to-do lists to my name could fill a whole room, maybe two.  That being said, go ahead and laugh when I tell you I have a hefty bunch of goals for this 2011 year, one of which is to follow through and stay motivated at the things I say I want to do, sooooo... we'll just have to see I guess. 

Anyway, one of my goals is to be better at capturing and recording the things that are happening all around me.  I want so badly to remember and learn from all that happens this year, and am hoping to be better at not only writing them down, but taking pictures of them.  Maybe we should just try one month at a time... blog and write more, and take more pictures. 

Me and Petee, best dog ever.  Just hanging out while Nick is sick. 

Somewhere around seven years ago I committed to make every year my best year yet, and this year will be no different.  Throughout the trial and challenge I will continue to recommit each day to my man and my God. 

More goals to come.


  1. Okay, Petee is ADORABLE. And I love this goal - we should all take part in it.

    Good to see you doing well, pretty lady! :)