Thoughts on Thursday.

Ample amounts of time this week have left me nothing to do but actually check things off the mile-long to-do list.  Hoping to actually have some significant things completed by the time I am working somewhere...someday.  I got a new calendar (thanks Mom), and a list of stuff, waiting for my dear friend to (hopefully) come with me to get things done!

Last night I tried a new recipe in my bread machine (got it for Christmas, thanks Mom x2!).  DELISH!  It is my third loaf and the best yet!

I think I am going to try making The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Bread today!  (Will be delivering that one to Nick's office at MCC though, cannot have all these yummy carbs tempting me when my workouts consist of taking Petee out to walk/go to the bathroom a few times a day... not a lot of calories burned there!)  ;)  Next week (err, I hope I can get motivated) I start training for the half marathon I want to do on May 1st.  It is something I have always wanted to do, and it is on my mental list of things to do before I turn 30...and since 25 hits this year, OMG, I figure it is high time to start a'checkin things off the ol' list!  [Also on the list- start drinking coffee, CHECK!, get a dog, CHECKKK!, and get married, CHECK!!!!, graduate college, double CHECK!, and get a grown-up job.............shoot.  Oh well, good thing I've still got five years to get that one!] 

Oh yah, I also think I will make some homemade salsa this week.  The Pioneer Woman, Ree, she gave me her cookbook for Christmas and I am just in hog heaven (who the heck even knows what that means?!) and love it to death.  The salsa recipe isn't even in her cookbook, it just keeps showing up on the side of her homepage on the website and I am taking that as a sign that I should make it!  (annnd then give it away or eat in on chicken because that will be the lowest calorie option... darn you healthy lifestyle reinstated!) However, that will mean I really DO need that expensive food processor I asked for this Christmas! 

Speaking of Christmas, Mr. Brown did a VERY good job in the present department!

1. Beautiful Gap scarf that I LOVE:

2. VERA BRADLEY BAG!!!!!!  YESSSS to the max!!!! 
3. Magnets with our wedding pictures on them!  Precious: 

Oh and I just got off the phone with the aforementioned "Mr. Brown" and he is "sending me a list" dun, dun dunnnnnn... yikes.  He must think that since I don't have a job, all I do is piddle around and do nothing right now.  Yah right!  Does this look like nothing??  ;)

Mmm, happy day.  :)


  1. I am so honored to be tagged in your blog! And I feel like such a crap friend because I slept in too late to see that you wanted to hang out :( BTW, you're going to have to show me how to do nifty things in my blog like put in pictures and tag people...that's really swell! Sorry I failed at waking up early enough to see you :( I left a message on your FB about how not busy I am up until sub stuff comes in (except today, I kinda have a couple things to do, go figure). Lubb you!

  2. Oh and PS that break looks delish. Wish I had room in my kitchen for fun things like bread machines...and an oven big enough to make anything in would be nice, too. Oh, wishing my life away...