Another Week in the Books!

Sheesh, time is a'flyin!  Can I just say that I have the best fam in the planet?  My momma helped me clean my apartment and get all my laundry done (we may have taken a little trip to the ol' laundromat yesterday to get all seven loads done at once...oops), but now I am about to hang up my last load of drip dry's and am set to start some new habits.  (Most of which include actually putting the clothes away when they are clean!) 

My papers are all graded and I have just a few left to enter into the computer and I'll be all caught up to start our sixth week of school and my sixth week as a real live teacher!  Last week was SO hard, and I know there are so many things I need to change and fix about the way I manage my classroom, but I am refreshed, rested, and ready to begin a new week tomorrow.  I just know this week is going to be better!

I've cried my fair share of tears; complained, perhaps far too much, about silly things, and had plenty of laughs so far.  I am excited to see how I develop this week as a teacher and how my kids continue to adjust to seventh grade and language arts.  I continue to think I can change all their lives and touch all their hearts, and as naiive a hope that may be, I have to cling to it or I might just lose heart.  (Because honestly, reading and writing just aren't as good as life change and growth!)  I love my kids, with all my heart, and am loving learning more about their personalities and lives.  They continue to drive me batty, but I think that may just be seventh grade!  I know that where it is hardest to shine and to love is where my patience and positive reinforcement is needed most.  God will never put me in a trial that is too hard to overcome!  With Him, all things are possible!!

Some things that are getting me through the tough times:
*Vanilla Coke Zero
*Not working out (oh wait, I think a little calorie-burning might actually be a good idea and energy-booster!)
*The movie Tangled (aka my fav right now...currently watching it for the fourth time, third time this week I think!  Whoops!)
*My insanely patient husband
*The best fam ever
*Teacher-friends that get exactly what I am going through and sympathize with me and make me feel like I am NOT a failure!!!  PtL! 

Ever grateful for the chance to work with young people and attempt to share that someone cares about them!  Hopefully this week I can do that a little better (and with less raising of my voice) than last week.  God has blessed me immensely, and I am so lucky. 

From behind my first big-girl paycheck,

Mrs. Brown  :)


  1. You are a passionate teacher!! 7th graders are so goofy but fun. Remember how great your family is and that, you are right, He will always put you where you need to be.

  2. This week WILL be better! Will continue to pray for you though! Those kiddos are lucky to have you in their life!