Tips to Surviving Football Season: Chapter 2!

Ladies and, well, mostly other ladies!  (Some gentlemen may need tips to survive as well, but for the most part, the fellas love the game...and lots of ladies, too, so I guess calling some ladies!)  It has been a couple weeks since my last football-related post.  I have watched some of the delightful game since then, and have indeed come up with some more hopefully helpful tips!  Read and enjoy!!

1.  Remind yourself of all the ways your man (or bff, whoever) appeases all your silly needs and desires.  Specifically, all the girly movies and tv shows he watches with (for) you (for me recently: Tangled, Something Borrowed, Glee, etc.).  Think about all the perfect flowers he has surprised you with (which he probably doesn't understand since logically, they die/don't last more than a couple days haha); all the minutes he spends on the phone with you when you are apart, and for me, well, just think about how he bought you the goofiest, cutesiest, puff-balliest little puppy on the planet and lets you call him all sorts of pet names without a single mocking comment.  After these little reminders, maaayyyybe just maybe it wont be quite so hard to sit through a riveting few hours of grunting and hitting and pushing and pigskin-throwing! 

2.  If you happen to find yourself at a location other than your own home to watch the big game, you will probably need to find some ways to entertain yourself.  I have maaannny many ways to do this, but just to name a few: arrive early to find the best seat in the house.  In your case, the best seat may not be the one with the perfect view of the tv.  Find a comfy place to sit, near the snacks and bathroom, and that is comfy enough to fall asleep in (just in case you need to rest your eyes during halftime or a commercial or something!).  Another way to keep entertained- take a million zillion pictures of yourself and all the excitement around you!  I'll admit, sometimes I take this to the extreme and end up with a serious number of pictures of just myself in the same pose... Currently I am without camera, so my phone-cam (not the highest of quality) is all I've got.  Never fear, I have not abandoned picture-taking or event-documenting, simply lowered my quality of pics.  See: the following pictures as inspiration and examples--

My favorite man with all the free stuff I got us!!

The fellas in their free hats

My favorite mother-in-law!

One Attempt of probably 40 pics I took of myself

Another one of so many pics of just myself ;)

Thrilled to be watching the Huskers!!!

How the Mr. feels about sooo many pics of us!  (There were many many more hah!)

I missed this weekend's Huskers game, but did semi-keep up with the stats and what not via Twitter on my phone, and will most likely watch some of it replayed on the Big 10 Network. 

OH!  One last tip for this week: 

3.  Watch the Bo Pelini Show with your man and actually pay attention.  It turns out, when you try to pay attention, some (now just some) of what they say is moderately interesting.  While my show of choice will always be Grey's or Glee, Bo does actually smile sometimes on his show, and maybe next week he will wear the gray sweatshirt I like so much! 

That's all for this week!  Challenge-- find something interesting from this weekend's game(s) and casually drop it into conversation this week.  Superfan status will go waaayyy up and boys will most likely be impressed and proud!   ;)

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