I need an outlet......

...because poor, poor Holly has definitely heard enough of my whining, and I feel like right now it is just about all I do.  The 

I went to MCC tonight for the first time since school has started.  I haven't been away for that long since.... well since pre-August 2005 when I came to college.  While I do love my job and all the wonderful perks (salary, new pals, fulfilling days, etc.) it brings with it, I already miss the simplicity and ease of college living.  One semester I literally worked FIVE JOBS and took a full load of classes while being an RA and a youth sponsor and maintaining a plethora of relationships, and still maintained complete sanity.  Thus far this semester, I am doing like, one and a half things and feel like I can't even get those done well and/or on time!  Sheeeessshhhh. 

Good thing the little monsters, I mean, middle schoolers were mucccchhh better today than they have been yet!  Maybe I should cut my hair every weekend??  (I think yes!) 

Actual conversations---

Student: "Mrs. Brown, did you cut your hair?" Me: "No...the craziest thing, I just woke up and it was like this!"  Student: "Wait, really??"  Me: "Yahhh, no."  [I really do love them!!!]  

Another Student: "Mrs. Brown, why did you cut your hair?"  Me: "Ehh, I felt like it."  Another Student: "Yahh, but I liked it better before."  [Dangit.]

Yet Another Student: "Mrs. Brown, you are the best teacher in the whole world and for your birthday in 22 days I am bringing you chocolate and diet vanilla coke and flowers!"  [Hahaha that didn't really happen!  I wish ;)]

Anyway, basically the majority decided while they did like my hair better before, it looks pretty this way too.  Such nice little angels.  ;)

My kids did also try to tell me I enjoy being mean and giving Time-Outs today.  It's like they just don't know me at all.....those are the parts I enjoy the very least :/

For three out of the four classes I teach, today was the best day, behavior and productivity-wise, that we have had yet.  I felt like I could actually be mobile in the room and not just babysit one particular area, and there was a lot accomplished!  Hopefully tomorrow will continue to be good!  [Fingers crossed, knock-on-wood...]  I did, however, just realize I have to grade 100+ essays per the six-trait rubric this weekend, which is just lovely... bye-bye weekend...and it is only Monday!  Oh well!  

Have I mentioned just how much I love my dog lately?  He is the bomb.com for reals.  I never understood the whole "man's best friend" thing until now, but seriously he is just so dang loyal and always so excited to see me when I get home!  And he has finally figured out that if he wants to sleep on the bed, it has to be by our feet (err, my feet) because someone, ahem, cough cough, doesn't like to wake up snuggled next to our little fluff-puff of a pooch... whatever ;)  I am just so lucky and blessed to have two loves at home to escape to and relax with.  We will have had Petee a whole year in just a couple weeks (crraaazzzyyyy)!!!  It seriously feels like we have had him forever.  Life without that little pup would be so sad.  Kids?  No thanks.  We love our dog too much!  [But seriously]. 

Best life...no matter the stress of seventh grade. 

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  1. Good to hear that the 7th graders aren't completely getting to you yet. =) We all had issues around that age, so the fact that you're willing to serve them is incredible. Thanks for the work you do. =)