Third week in the books!

Holy holy cow.  I have taught for three weeks!  This still seriously blows my mind each day as I go back to my classroom, my students, my team, my lessons, my school.  It is still nuts to me that I am a real live teacher.

I have to say one thing that does stink is being that lame friend that has to go to bed early each night.  Probably my bad for still living in a town full of people still going to college :/  I'll admit I am jealous many nights as I head for bed and my friends are just beginning to hang out.  I love being a full-fledged grown up adult and all, but I sometimes wish all my friends were working full-time everyday too!  [Pity party]

Anyway... Another good week full of challenges in seventh grade.  I continue to fall in love with their crazy stories, heartbreaking home lives, and naiive mindsets.  I love that they ask me to come to their games, listen to my dumb stories, and know that even though I have to yell (ahem, raise my voice) sometimes to get their attention, that I really do care about them.  They are driving me insane, talking soo much, making me question all I know and do, and sucking all the energy and life out of me, and yet I feel better about what I am doing right now than ever before.  I am exactly where I am supposed to be. 

God is teaching me so much now about what it means to plant seeds and love in action and truth.  He is teaching me about being a light in the dark and living my faith.  God is so alive and real and I pray my love for Him shines through my words and deeds, in my action and especially my reactions. 

Praying for my kids; praying for patience, energy, and a positive attitude despite challenges, setbacks, and frustration; and praying people will see Jesus in me each day.

- taking a break from laboring this weekend...Mrs. Brown  :)

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