sometimes ya just give in to your emotions

I am about as typical girl as they come.  I eat junky food when I am sad, I do and say things to please and impress other people, and I start a new diet and workout plan at leas twice a week.  I listen to the same depressing songs on repeat over and over and over, and I watch movies and shows that I know will make me cry.  I still love my daddy and my momma is one of my best friends.  I have a serious addiction to wearing cardigans and have more bags than I would like to admit.  I believe in retail therapy and love to get a pedicure and drink skinny lattes.  But very much most of all, when I get irrational, emotional, and stressed, I love to cut my hair. 

Today, spur of the moment, because I wanted to, I cut my hair.  Choppy chop chop chop!  Bye-bye hair!  (Well not alllll of it!)  I cut it because I am stressed and emotional and crazy and needed to do something irrational. [Thanks to Nate-dog the bro-in-law and our bestest pal, Jordan for going with me to Great Clips!  Oops...only spent 12 bucks...cheapest haircut ever.]

Tomorrow begins a new six weeks with my precious seventh grade babies and tomorrow I am going to do better, teach better, be better, and love better.  Tomorrow.


  1. A fresh haircut for a fresh six weeks. It looks great sweet sister!

  2. Love the hair- looks super cute... and I am DYING to chop mine! And I totally feel your pain about school- I started subbing for a maternity leave in K. Although mine will end in 6 weeks so for the next few weeks I am in the same boat. We will both survive and maybe your students will surprise you!